How does replanting rainforest differ from regular forest?


How does replanting rainforest differ from regular forest?

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It doesn’t. Unless you mean where they are planted. The soil will either be better or worse for the new forest because of what’s in it.

They’re vastly different. Regular forest is “old growth forest”—it’s a vast ecosystem that has existed for perhaps millions of years. Thousands or millions of species have evolved to coexist in that environment. But then loggers come and clear cut the forest, chopping down the trees and destroying the habitats of all of those species that lived together in the forest—the animals that lives in the trees, the smaller plants that lived on the ground and were trampled by the tree’s destroyers, and then all of the smaller plants, animals, and fungi that lived in the ecosystem. If they then plant new trees,that doesn’t help all of the species killed off by the destruction of the whole ecosystem.

It depends on the location. Different areas have different productivity(how fast the tree can grow in a period), their size, and the biodiversity. If you replant a rainforest like the Amazon you can have a lot of biodiversity other areas have less potential for biodiversity, but still can serve other purposes.