How does sanctioning work?


How does sanctioning work?

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Imagine there is a store (Russia) in your neighborhood. Who relies on shoppers from your neighborhood (the world)

You don’t like the owner of that store, but you cant stop that store from selling it’s products (gold, oil, etc))

You do however, control your household (USA) and have tremendous influence over most of your neighborhood (rest of the world).

So you tell your family not to shop at the store, and you warn the rest of your neighborhood to not shop at the store either, and almost all of them listen (sanctioning), because they don’t to make you mad.

You didn’t stop the store (Russia) from selling it’s products, but you stopped most of your neighborhood from shopping there. Which essentially is the same thing.

Sanctioning, if aggressive enough, is basically “cancelling” another country

Basically it’s a ban on importing a specific good from a specific country. So the sanctioned country loses revenue from exporting that good.

Sanctioning works by hindering income. Once the economy is impacted it makes it very very difficult to continue a war, not just because you won’t be able to have the support of the public, because they want those sanctioned things back, but you won’t be able to pay soldiers, buy weapons and fuel etc etc. It really disrupts the war machine and hopefully stops it.

There’s a lot of different sanctions so there’s no single answer to this question.

Sanctions can be economic, political, military and more.


Economic sanctions often boil down to not trading with that country.

Usually sanctions focus on specific sectors. Usually starting with weapons.

So basically, you dont sell weapons to the country you’re angry at. Makes sense right?

You also ask your allies not to sell them weapons.

And if you’re powerful enough, you can ask (most of) the world to not sell that country weapons.


You can freeze assets of known power-players

If you know they have 200 million in the bank in YOUR country, you can simply “freeze” that money and they cant withdraw or transfer it. That’s a great way to target the elite of a country who often have their money stored outside of their own country.


You can also choose to not buy stuf from that country.

Like if they produce a lot of oil, you can simply not buy it.


It’s important to keep in mind that this also means that you’re then not getting that oil anymore. So you’re also hurting yourself with the sanctions.


Military sanctions can again be all sorts of things.

You can put some warships in the area and tell them “nobody is coming through”


Diplomatic sanctions are also quite popular.

Basically you kick out some diplomats to show you’re really angry

This is popular because it sounds cool but it’s also real easy to reverse by simply letting the diplomats back in.


So yeah, plenty of options