How does sexual arousal work? How do humans get aroused by looking at a picture? How does it trigger?


How does sexual arousal work? How do humans get aroused by looking at a picture? How does it trigger?

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Humans haven’t evolved out of the mating dance yet. For a hundred million years, there was tremendous pressure to breed and no accurate way to simulate the image of a ready and willing partner. If you saw a sexy specimen in a provocative position, they were definitely real and almost certainly making an invitation. Once your eyes have seen it, your brain predicts the next part and tells the rest of your body to get ready with a rush of hormones, initiating a physical response in the pants region. This specific hardware, linking the sight, scent, sound, taste, or touch of a willing partner to your genitals is some of the oldest, simplest hardware in your brain. It doesn’t know what a photograph is and that you can’t have sex with it.

I really recommend this video (and channel in general!)
[Sexual Arousal, Desire and Attraction: What’s the Difference?](
A lot of the info is based off of Emily Nagoski’s book about this called Come As You Are if anyone would like to learn more!

For like a billion years of evolution, there was no such thing as a photograph. Those are the conditions human sexuality evolved in – for literally millions of years the image of a naked female entering your eyes meant that there was an (actual) naked female in front of you. So of course you should get aroused, that’s a potential mating opportunity!

The invention of photos was like a split second ago on the timescale that evolution operates on. It has only been a few human generations that everyone has access to nude photos whenever they want. That’s just WAY too fast for evolution to have reacted to this development, so we’re all still running brain software that says “Alert! Potential mate! She’s right there in front of you dude, try and have sex right now!!”

Humans can imagine themselves doing things without actually doing them. This is one reason why humans are really good at problem solving.

It also allows them to imagine themselves having sex.

You want to make babies it cannot be controlled, only contained…. and most anything sets it off because so much of our time is spent NOT making babies.

Now I have a son and everytime I get laid or have some ‘self care’ , after I finish all I can think about is how sex is to make people…sexual arousal is almost entirely about trying to make life, because life is brutal, especially to the young.