How Does Snapchat Know I Screenshot Something?


On that note, does someone (Apple, developer, the phone company etc.) know if I take a screenshot of, say another app, like Safari/YouTube/Bing?

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They check for the button input, so when you hit the two buttons to screenshot, Snapchat recognizes that input

Apple provides developers with a method to check (they can be notified of a screenshot, and they can check if the screen is currently being recorded). Apple doesn’t track screenshotting in their own apps, and websites can’t see that information. But, yes, theoretically any app can tell if you’ve screenshotted or recorded content (but they don’t know what those screenshots/recordings contain).

Snapchat on Android appears to monitor for the creation of new image files and just assumes they were created by screenshotting. I was once transferring some images on to my phone by USB and browsing snapchat at the same time, and each time a file was copied over snapchat displayed the “you took a screenshot!” notification.