how does stay with me work? ELI5


How does people in a particular scenario (hospital bed/accident for example) stay alive when they are “fighting” and when they stop it they pass out/die?

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It’s less a case “if you fall asleep/pass out you’ll die” but more of a diagnostic thing. If you are asleep or passed out, you cannot rely information about your condition (e.g. where it hurts). Also, whether or not you can force yourself to stay awake is itself important information. If the situation is bad enough, you’re passing out whether you want to or not, so it’s useful for them to know if you are in that situation where you literally *can’t* stay awake rather than just a situation where you feel like passing out but *can* stay awake.

I have never in all of my emergency resuscitations as an ER doctor, med student, or EMT ever said/heard “stay with me”. It’s a dramatic phrase for media. Wouldn’t surprise me if some people somewhere say it, but saying it doesn’t do anything except tell you they’re not comatose yet.