How does the weight of a 737 affect the safety of landing in high winds?


I was on a full flight to Chicago today, and before we pushed back the flight attendants told us we had to deplane 59 passengers because of high winds in Chicago. They said we were too heavy to land safely for the wind conditions.

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Not an expert, but probably a fuel consumption question in case of go arounds or diversions to other airports.

Weight affects maneuverability. Which can increase fuel use. Also, because of high winds, a landing might be more difficult, and the stopping distance increases with weight.

More weight increases stall speed. In high winds, particularly crosswinds, pilots must allow additional airspeed at landing. Both of these combined may cause the pilot to land at a speed they deem unsafe.

Wind affects speed. Most likely Chicago has a full on head wind when you were scheduled to land, so adding on to the low speeds the 737 is travelling to successfully land, it has a high chance to stall(bad thing). Anyway, I hope you didn’t get kicked off.