How does tidal energy not break conservation of energy?


So the moon pushes makes the tide go up and down by orbiting the earth in a stable orbit, and then electricity can then be generated as the tide moves up and down, but where did this energy come from? What is being used up?

In: Physics

In short, the moon is constantly slowing the rotation of the earth. Eventually the moon and earth will always be facing each other.

The energy from the tides actually comes from the kinetic energy of the moon. the tides are slowing down the moon and thus slowly pushing it away from earth very slowly and also slowly slowing down the earth’s rotation and making the day slightly longer.

The moon uses to rotate at a different speed than it down now but the tidal forces have slowed it down enough so that it now shows the same side to earth all the time. It has become tidal locked. If earth wasn’t so much more massive than the moon than eventually it would become tidal locked to the moon too. As it is now it seems that Sun will likely expand to eat both of them before that can happen.