How does water make me feel energetic?


I was feeling tired at work, and a bit thirsty. I chugged 3 glasses of water and 5 minutes later I was good as new. Water has no caffeine or any electrolytes afaik, so what happened?

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Water is very important to life, you were feeling thirsty, you drank water, so your body got what it needed and felt better.

Fatigue is a symptom of dehydration. When you drank the water, you were giving your body the water it was really needing. I’ve read that as adults, if we are thirsty, then we’re already dehydrated. Time to get a good water bottle and keep it with you!

You were probably dehydrated… dehydration leads to fatigue because the low flow of oxygen to the brain makes your heart have to work harder to get oxygen to all of your organs

Water makes me feel energetic because it is essential for the proper functioning of all the systems in my body. It helps to transport nutrients and oxygen to my cells, and it also helps to remove waste products from my body.

Because your body doesn’t function well when you’re dehydrated.

Get rehydrated makes you feel better the same way as putting down a 45lb pack that you’ve been carrying for miles.

It’s not that it gives you energy, it’s that it relieves a stressor that was holding you down.