how e-cigarettes work, why do you need electricity to make it healthier than normal cigarettes?


how e-cigarettes work, why do you need electricity to make it healthier than normal cigarettes?

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E cigarettes usually use liquids with artificial flavoring, nicotine and whatnot in it…and they basically heat up said liquid with a coil to make the smoke.This takes energy…hence why e cigarettes are also often called vapes.

As to healthier than normal cigarettes: that is a big question mark.. we are getting more and more studies that it may be unhealthier than normal smoking even, as it may be worse on the lungs.

It is ultimately too early to tell how healthy those are. Although more recent studies kinda made e cigarettes largely die in places like Germany… you just don’t get them at every place anymore.

It may be an issue on a select few ingredients.. a select few flavours.. or just generally unhealthy.

Well for one tobacco is made from plants which themselves are made of all sorts of organic compounds. Then you burn it which turns those compounds into even more compounds, so there’s just a lot of stuff you are breathing in.

Vapes heat a manmade mix of glycol, nicotine, and flavoring. Less variety, and more control of the makeup potentially makes them less unhealthy unless you put a carcinogen in it. And since there’s no burning you don’t get as many unpredictable byproducts.

Granted we haven’t been inhaling vaporized glycol en mass for decades, so it’s not like there’s hard data on if they are less bad. Though it does seem likely, there’s a chance it could actually be rather bad in the long term. Also some vape fluid guys like to put all sorts of stuff in their mixes.

Anyway you don’t actually need electricity. Vaping was done well before pocket vapes by heating stuff up with a flame in a glass container. But electrical heating is much more easily controllable than an flame.

The difference is cigarettes are smoked when it is on fire. E cigarettes are “vaped” the smoke is actually a type of vapor as there is no fire involved. The smoke from a cigarette, and most fires in general are extremely toxic to the lungs, and cigarettes contain *thousands* of different chemicals when smoked. E cigarettes can be just as dangerous or more dangerous depending on the quality of it — certain cottons that are used as a wick which is wrapped around a coil sometimes contains bleach, certain e liquids contain chemicals for the flavoring which cause a condition known as “*popcorn lung*” — the chemical is called diacetyl. Sometimes a coil which heats up to vaporize the e liquid on the wick can also contain toxic chemicals. So in theory e cigarettes are safer — though there are a lot of factors involved which actually can be equally as dangerous or even more dangerous. Not to mention bad batteries that can leak fumes.

Tobacco contains carcinogens, cancer causing chemicals, in addition to nicotine.

A quality vape juice will contain nicotine, propelyne (spelling) glycol and vegetable glycerin which are natural and as far as I know not as bad as chemicals in a real cigarette.

Nicotine is still bad for you, but a hidden bad thing about vaping is that you can do it anywhere and anytime so people (like myself) have huge amounts of nicotine in their system pretty much all the time. With cigarettes you are kind of socially moderated (do you want to miss out on the fun cause you have to go outside to smoke a cigarette) or maybe there’s not a convenient way for you to smoke. Vaping is about self moderation which a lot of these dumb ass kids (again, like myself) have none.

To make sure people are on point with their ingredients:

Propylene Glycol
Vegetable Glycerin
Nicotine (either pulled from tobacco or synthetic)