How emergency services manage to get to major road accidents so quickly?


Yes I know you have to legally get out of their way and there’s no speed limit for emergency services, but even if there’s a major accident where all the lanes are blocked, no cars can pass through, there’s heavy traffic and very limited entry ways, emergency services will still be there pretty quickly and be able to attend to the situation. How is it possible?

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Emergency vehicles can drive around cars and drive on the side or in the grass. No normal vehicle is going to be driving on the side of the road and through grass but emergency service vehicles can do this because they have to get to the emergency fast

The hard shoulder, it’s specifically to be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicles, the major answer is in the question, they are on a main highway road so it’s just a huge flat straight line 🤷‍♂️

Well on a highway it’s obviously the emergency lanes.

Besides that, the emergency services usually have the support of a great team at the dispatch centre.

These people are constantly monitoring trafic conditions and alternative routes.


And of course some emergency drivers are quite amazing at finding room where there really isnt.

emergency vehicles actually can get blocked by heavy traffic that can’t move out of the way. but usually they can take the pullover lanes, or the grass, call in another vehicle from a different direction, or in some extreme and very specific cases, fire engines are sturdy enough to literally push vehicles out of the way

911 dispatcher in a rural county: they often aren’t. Depending on where it is and what time it is it can take me upwards of 20 minutes to get anyone on scene.

Fire departments can usually get on scene quicker due their being multiple stations in the county unlike EMS which is almost always based in a town or city in the county.