how exactly are we made of stardust


I get that all of the elements that make us are from stars but I just can’t wrap my head around how I am made of star dust… is this just a broader way of looking at the creation of elements in the periodic table or am I literally made of star dust.
Sorry if this was a stupid question!

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Heavier elements like iron, calcium, nitrogen, etc only form in the pressure of a star. They are then flung across the universe when the star goes nova. The only reason there is iron in your blood or calcium in your bones is is because stars created them.

I think its a bit of both, because we aren’t made from star dust directly, it’s because stars have exploded and thrown out all of their matter that has given us a chance to be made… you can think of it like legos… if you built a really big tower but decided you wanted something else you would need to take apart the tower to make that something else. the stars are the towers and we are the something else… hope that makes sense

Basically the “starting” elements of the universe are Hydrogen and Helium, all other elements are basically the result of fusion within stars, when these stars go supernova those heavier elements then get scattered over the nearby area and then form planets and the animals and plants that live on the planet. So until a star went supernova any planets out there were gas giants; solid / rocky planets require element from supernovas.

So there’s a number of elements we see on the periodic table, right? And we call them “light” and “heavy” elements which on a very basic level without getting into specifics is basically how simple or complex an element’s atom is. The only way for heavier elements to exist is for them to be formed through nuclear fusion in which lighter elements are fused together under extreme heat and pressure to form new elements. When the universe was in its infancy the only element around was hydrogen, the simplest and lighter element, in gigantic clouds. Now don’t ask me how hydrogen came to be in the first place I don’t know and I’m not entirely sure science has a concrete answer. Well hydrogen is matter, with mass, so those huge spread out clouds had a rough barycenter towards which all that hydrogen started being pulled into due to gravitational force, which is a force all matter inherently exerts in time space. These masses of hydrogen grew not only more massive but hotter as well, because hydrogen being pulled from light years away and is constantly accelerating when it all comes down to the center point it has significant speed. That coupled with its enormous mass which only grows bigger, making the gravitational pull also stronger, created very huge and hot balls of hydrogen, called stars, which are hot enough to kickstart and sustain nuclear fusion. So throughout a star’s life time it is constantly fusing lighter elements into heavier elements, until it basically runs out of fuel and bursts, spreading those elements into space. So this process occurred billions or trillions or who knows how many times and more starts formed from heavier elements and created even heavier elements and spread those out and much in the same manner planets formed, with enough matter coalescing into a single clump but not enough to form a star since all those clumps forming close to each other essentially compete for the available matter close to them, in cosmic terms.

Matter, fundamentally, cannot be destroyed. It can be changed through nuclear fusion, or nuclear fission, the opposite of fusion, in which heavier elements are broken down into lighter elements, but the atoms making up that matter cannot be destroyed. So basically what that means is that for you to exist, with all the elements that make up you, on a planet, with all the elements that make up it, in a solar system, with all the elements that make up it, and so on and so on, those elements, had to, at some point, been formed in the core of a star. Your atoms have existed since the beginning of the universe and gone through who knows how many things and will go on to be something else after you die. So yes technically everything is made from star dust.

Everything (every element) in our bodies can be found throughout the universe, and, and as we don’t exactly know how our planet came into being as the perfect place for the existence of life, but holds the components of every element known to humans, it can only be assumed that we are the product of stardust.

And, I like this theory.