How is depression sometimes overcome without medicine?


How can the brain heal itself and rid itself of depression biologically.

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This is a difficult question to answer because no one is really sure WHY depression happens, but we’ve observed that medications can have an effect on some of the symptoms of depression. It’s not a cure.

I’m not a doctor, but most probably recommend a combination of medication to help with symptoms and counseling of some sort to help deal with the underlying emotions.

chemicals in the brain change. There is no healing because there is no physical damage to heal from. It depends on what was causing the chemical deficiency or saturation in the first place as to how it can rectify.

There is no single answer.

You can’t. Real depression is a chemical issue in the brain and as far as i know, it’s an issue that just can’t ‘be fixed forever’.

You *can* manage your depression with a proper diet, exercise and maintaining a rock solid routine/schedule.

The key thing to understand is that thoughts and feelings are directly related to chemical processes. There’s not necessarily an enormous difference between changes in the brain-state derived from drugs and other sources. Changes in modes of thinking or life circumstances directly cause chemical changes in the brain that can make it possible to break depressive patterns.