How is it different to talk to a therapist about your emotional problems than just talking to a friend or family?


How is it different to talk to a therapist about your emotional problems than just talking to a friend or family?

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They might be better equiped at guiding you to a solution, due to more experience, and it might be easier for you to be open with a stranger you’re paying to listen to you, than with a friend/family who you might start feeling like you’re burdening. Plus, with the therapist being less involved in your life, they might offer a more objective view than your family

For me, personally, I appreciate the perspective from someone who is not part of my day-to-day life and has no stake in what happens. Plus they are trained in how to help you come to your own conclusions and work through your internal dialogue. Sometimes you don’t realize you know/have an answer until someone asks you directly.

You can be way more open with a therapist because your relationship is fully contained within the therapy sessions. You don’t have to have a beer with them. You don’t have to play pickup hoops. You can terminate the relationship at any time. You never have to feel like what you discussed with them will be brought up at any other time. It’s VERY different. This is all without even considering the fact that they are trained professionals in therapy which your friends are not.

A therapist sees things differently than your friends or family do because they are on the outside of your life. Also, by speaking to a therapist you aren’t unloading traumas or expectations onto love ones which can be dangerous and harmful.

So I have never seen a therapist, but have considered it, to me it’s the fact that there is a disconnection. If you tell your friend, there is always a chance they will judge you, your relationship will suffer from details shared, or they will share the information either on purpose or on accident and cause you problems.

So using a therapist you have no fear of repercussions, they aren’t going to tell your friends and family things, or make it awkward to hang out, or call you out in front of others. There is also the added benefit is that a therapist has training to actually assist you with your issues, where as friends will try their best, but may not know what to do.

On a side note, sometimes you can accidentally burden your friends when confiding in them, forcing them to keep a secret, or asking for help with your issues, and it can cause them stress and lead to them neglecting their own problems. A good friend will dig their own hole to help your fill yours, and not realize till they’re too deep.