How is it they have made medicines for most illnesses to cure or at least lessen the symptoms yet they cannot make them taste good. Especially the ones meant for kids.


Looking at you Augmentin and Tamiflu.

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Not about the teste, many medichines have no taste at all, but contain some component for example penicilline, zinc or copper who trigger bitter receptors in your mouth making it feel bad. Its called “dysgeusia” (or hypogeusia)

They can, but they don’t because some people (especially children) could start to treat drugs like sweets or soda. That could have disastrous results. We must make sure children don’t see drugs as something tasty and wanted.

You got it wrong. They’re designed to taste bad so kids especially kids don’t pop the pills non-stop even when they’re not sick.

>Especially the ones meant for kids.

Look at sweets. What do kids do with things that taste good? Find ways to eat more than they’re supposed to. With medicine that’s potentially deadly.

The really potent ones taste bad. Others have explained.
Some of the daily ones like allergy meds taste good, but in order to keep them safe, the bottle size is limited to keep the amount of drug under the lethal limit.