How makes crypto decentrealized?


All cryptos claim to be decentralized but all the apps and network still need to be hosted on servers. What really makes them decentralized?

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The apps aren’t hosted on servers. You can go run a bitcoin node on your personal computer and you are equally a part of the network as anyone else. You exchange data with everyone else on the network and no single computer is authoritative.

The ledgers that record transactions is hosted on *many* servers simultaneously, and verified by even more computers.

The key to your identity on a ledger can be stored on someone else’s server (and you just have to hope they don’t steal it) or locally on your computer or detachable storage (and you just have to hope it doesn’t break or someone steals it).

It’s distributed, not decentralized.

Distributed means rhe final state is calculated across the net, and every node has proportional voting power. However the blockchain is the central element. In a decentralized system (like email or BitTorrent) each node would only have to worry about its local state being consistent and the protocols used to talk to others.