how much can human muscles grow without pharmaceutical help?


Also, is there much difference between male and female body on this point? Is it possible to say if the muscles are “natural” only from the look of them?

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That depends on everyone’s genetics. Some may grow and look like others that are taking medication

I’m not sure what the upper limits of muscle growth absent pharmaceuticals are, although I know there is one, it varies by person, and it gets exponentially more difficult to grow as you approach it.

There’s a huge difference between men and women on that front, yes. On average, strength limits for women are about 50-55% of that of men for the upper body, and about 66-70% for the lower body.

Is is possible to tell just by the visuals? There’s no guarantee by any means, but there are some indicators. Among other things, disproportionate upper body to lower body mass, acne on the upper body, and rapid muscle growth while losing or not gaining fat.

Now if you mean just looking at a muscle in a vacuum, there’s no way to tell as far as I know.