How the Germans had the economic turn around in the 1920-30?



This is not a post to praise them.

I just want to know the mechanism behind the quick and strong turn around that made a defeated Germany hit rock bottom during Westfalia years (rampaging inflation) and then present a strong enough economy to bring Havoc to the Allies based on a strong industry?

Did they find the way to dismiss inflation and external debt to focus on internal growth? Maybe this could be use for a good purpose not just pump wars?

Thank you.

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>This is not a post to praise them.

What’s wrong with praising 1920s Germany? The Nazis weren’t in power until 1933 and the roaring twenties of Weimar Germany had nothing to do with them or their policies.

Anyways; the problem of the rampant inflation was solved when the Rentenmark was introduced, the Dawes and the Young Plan helped to ease some of the burden of reparations Germany had to pay – and in general the world economy was looking up during that time frame.

Furthermore Germany was seen as a great investment opportunity for many Americans, which meant investments were coming in – however that also meant that when Black Thursday hit the US it also tanked the German economy once more (which was one of the catalysts for the rise of the Nazi party).