How vibrations equals existence of matter?


How vibrations equals existence of matter?

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Change is what makes an existence of things.

Suppose I have a box with only a peep hole. Inside there is only a light that produces 2 colours, Black or White.

You look into it and you will see Black light, but how can you ever be sure there is a White light?

If it has always been Black then there is nothing you can prove it until the colour changed to white. Conversely, if it has always been White then you can’t prove there is another colour until it changed.

Proof is simple: As long as something ‘changed’ even a little bit you can prove there is something different than just something in the background.

For matters, vibration is the way a ball uses the least amount of energy to spin around. By proving it has changed, you proved something is different and not just some background space (Vacuum).

Sorry but this is a very unclear question. Can you rephrase? I really don’t know what you’re asking.

What Dr. Kaku mentioned is a phenomena which we think is the case. As discussed by Dr. Stephen Hawking, everything in this entire world has a resonating frequency. Some frequencies are bound to resonate with the others and that’s what constitutes matter at it’s core.

Hence, all they meant is to consider these vibrations as strings resonating to a frequencies. Different elements, particles has their own seperate frequencies.