how was this video recorded in perfect sync with the movement of the lips?


It seems to be only one shot, all in reverse, and everything still goes in perfect sync. As someone who know nothing about media, it blows my mind. This is the video: (

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I don’t know the specific behind the scenes of that video but if it’s anything like Drop by the Pharcyde ( ) they performed the entire video backwards and it was then played in reverse so it has this bizarre quality to it. They would have practiced miming pronouncing the words backward, you don’t need to say it but just replicate the mouth movements.

not in perfect sync with the lips she’s drinking at one point and still singing 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Most of it she’s moving around or he’s in front of her so you don’t actually see her lip’s as she’s singing

It just takes a lot of practice and probably trial and error.

And it’s not new. [The next 30 seconds of this video]( was filmed that way too.