Icing/offsides in hockey and football (soccer)


This is the one rule in sports that I just don’t understand. I feel like I recognize it when I see it while watching live but I can’t define the rule for the life of me. Explain it like I’m 5.

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An attacking player cannot be between the last defender and the goalkeeper at the moment a pass to him is made. This stops attacking players always being near the goal. They have to get past at least one defender before receiving the ball.

Icing is when you pass the puck from your side of the red line, past the opponents blue line, and past the goal line. It’s so you can’t just dump the puck in the other end. You actually have to play the puck.

With offsides the puck has to pass the opponents blue line before any offensive players. That way you can’t have your players get setup perfectly before the puck is in the zone.