if black is all colors and white is no colors what is gray?


if black is all colors and white is no colors what is gray?

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Gray is all colors but less saturated. The black-to-white is a scale of saturation. You can easily see this in any graphics editor or application.

You have it the wrong way around. White is all colours, black is no colors. Grey is the same amount of red green and blue. If you mix all colours, it’s shit brown.

Gray is the color of a material that reflects uniformly across the spectrum in lesser intensity than another object of reference nearby, which would be deemed lighter gray or white. The brightness of stuff is relative. Suppose you had a piece of worn cloth that could be described as white in isolation, but you put new office paper near it and it was whiter still. Gray material has pigment scattered through it that aborbs some light.

important to distinguish between mixing paint and mixing light. Mixing paint, like how a printer works (subtractive colour mixing) if you add all the colours together you get brown, and white would be not using any colour at all. On the other hand Additive colour mixing, as you get with light, white is a mixture of all the colours and black is no colour (no light) at all. grey would be equal amounts of all colours but a bit less of them.

Its the exact opposite actually.

The way colors work, is our eyes receive light and interpreter the frequency of the light wave as a color.
Our eyes usually receive many light waves at once with different frequency.

We see white when our eyes receive all of the light frequencies at once. Black is when we receive no light at all.

So I guess grey is we receive all the frequencies, but very small amount of them