– If car reviewers are reviewing, can’t they prevent car recalls!?


Pretty much the title – if someone says I am reviewing a product, aren’t they supposed to actually review the product and provide valuable inputs!?

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They’ll mostly check the surface level stuff, handling, comfort, practicality.

When there is a mass recall it’s usually the result of a vulnerability or part that doesn’t function as it should. Despite rigorous testing by the manufacturer, sometimes these issues don’t come to light until a few customers have experienced something going wrong. Or a test proves something doesn’t work as safely as it should, such as airbags not properly deploying which, unless they are a terrible or unlucky driver, reviewers wouldn’t be able to review.

You car has to be reliable in an african desert and in syberian cold as well as driven by a lead footed street racer of grand ma going to bingo. It can be cruising on the highway or going through the City. Rusting in northern places or along a coast.

Behind this are many parts supplier selling the cheapest part that fits the needs calculated.

With 10k+ parts per car this is 10 000 way any car can fail.

Quality control(the reviewers) can only check if the part was built and install the way it should be but a 10 min test for a batch can only do so much to represent a couple of years of usage in the wild.

Previous recall tech here.

My answer is, possibly.

For example, a new recall on Ford’s new F150 involves drilling holes and installing rivets to support some underbody sheilds that have adhesive that will fail. When it does these sheilds can save down and saw the driveshaft in half. From what I’ve seen, this is a danger on “higher milage” new cars in this case, a few thousand miles. If a reviewer *possibly* had the truck in the air and *maybe* saw one of these sheilds marking up the driveshaft, they could have mentioned it to ford.

Alot of recalls take tens of thousands of not hundreds of thousands of miles to crop up. This GS like brake hoses failing, to toe links seizing from corossion, alot of these recalls are due to time causing a part to fail prematurely and reviewers have these cars for a day or so, and like 10 miles. Not a whole lot of time to see an issue that may take 4 years to show itself