If grapes become raisins when dried, why does mango when dried, remain as dried mango.


Same with plums to prunes etc.

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Well with plums to prunes it’s even weirder!!

Grapes dry into raisins. When juiced we say grape juice! No such thing as raisin juice!

Plums dry into prunes. However, there is such a thing a prune juice! How does prune JUICE exist if it’s dry plums? How can you juice something that’s been dried??

Its just whether or not someone decided to name it something different. There isn’t anything special that happens to those with special names.

word origins.

Grapes and plums both existed in English way before most tropical fruits. They also existed in their dried forms long before as well, so the language was incorporated.

What’s strange is that many other fruits that were grown way back in English suckling speaking areas *don’t* have specific dried names. Or if they did, they didn’t survive.

Aren’t grapes always raisins in French?