If sound can’t travel through space, why can you hear in spaceships?


This probably sounds like a dumb question but I would really appreciate some help! I am very very interested in space but I don’t understand complex topics very well because of my learning disability. When I tried to google this I really couldn’t understand the explanations 🙁 thank you if anyone responds, I really appreciate it!!

Edit: thank you all for responding so helpfully and so quickly, its so nice to not be talked down to for not understanding things

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Sound travels through things like air and water, but since space is mostly empty the sound has nothing to travel through.

Since there’s air inside a spaceship sound can be created and travel through the spaceship.

Space itself is a vaccum. Inside a ship there is oxygen and air pressure.

I know its short but easiest explination

The reason sound doesn’t travel in space is because there’s nothing to travel _through_ – space is a vacuum. Sound is a wave, and needs a medium to travel through. Just like water waves travel through water, sound can only travel if there’s something for it to move through. Sound is basically a form of vibrations that our ears can pick up. But if there are no atoms to vibrate then it can’t travel. In spaceships they have air so that the astronauts can breathe without wearing their suits so the sound can travel through that air.

Because you are inside the ship, so the sound can travel through the air in the ship, and the ship itself.

You won’t hear it if you float next to it

Inside the ship you have brought Earth atmosphere with you. There is oxygen and nitrogen that can be compressed to make sound waves that hit your eardrum and make sounds. Outside the ship there’s no Earth atmosphere. No oxygen, no anything that can be compressed into sound waves and hit your eardrum.