If the drinking age of 21 is supposedly meant to protect brain development, isn’t the age of 25 really when the brain completes its development?


This always annoys me. I’m told the drinking age is 21 because a persons brain continues to develop into their mid 20s, but at age 21, technically the brain is not yet fully developed so what’s behind the magic number of 21? Does it make it safer to drink at that age than at 18? Why isn’t the drinking age 25?

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I’d like to see the science behind either. The drinking age in America was 18 for the longest time. And before that there was no drinking age. And in most countries the minimum drinking age is 18 or less.


You’re right, it should be 25.

Where I am, drinking age is 19.

21 used to be the age of majority a long time ago (old enough to vote, etc) and coming out of prohibition, it was decided that you had to be an adult to take on the responsibility of deciding whether to drink.

As ages for other things have shifted, the drinking age hasn’t in many places in the US.

On top of this, 21 is when many people who go to college graduate.


I thought people wanted to keep it out of high school and in the 80s they forced them to change it or lose highway funding. Maybe an age of 19 would be more appropriate.