Is it always bad for your body to get sick?


Is it always bad for your body to get sick?

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If it causes damage or excessive stress on your organs that can result in long term effects, then yes.

If it is a mild sickness that your body can fight without having any lasting impacts, then no.

In fact, getting sick and having your body recover actually makes your immune system stronger. This is because your immune system basically “remembers” the virus or bacteria that caused the sickness and will get rid of it before it infects your whole body again. This is the basic principle behind how vaccines work as well.

No, it’s actually good for you to get sick as a kid because it helps build your immune system. As your body is exposed to different viruses the most common of these being variations of the common cold or the flu, it knows how to fight them off. That’s why as you get older you typically get sick less often.

You can say it puts a lot of strain on your body, it all depends on what sickness, is it debilitating or just a cold?

On the other hand had none of the human being been able to survive trough evolution if it had not been for some invasive sicknesses. A very large part of our DNA is in fact made up by viruses we have had thousands and millions years ago. Some of the vital functions we have right now, would not have been there if some down along the evolution had not got this sickness.

My understanding of it is basically it’s never ever good to be sick. But that’s not saying a minor cold will have a long lasting effect on you, it won’t, but there just isn’t a case where the body gets stronger by being hurt.

What is good for your immune response is excising it, but this shouldn’t be confused with getting sick. Getting sick is actually the immune system starting to kick into “deal with this, at expense of overall health cause otherwise we die”-mode.

You might realize it comes down to threading a fine line of what you actually mean with getting “sick”.

It depends on the illnesses, and when you get them.

Before antibiotics were invented, one of the better cures for syphilis was malaria.

They’d infect the syphilitic person with malaria, then the malaria would raise their body temperature enough to kill the syphilis. And then once the syphilis was (hopefully) gone, the physician could give the patient a malaria treatment.

But on the other hand, you’d be better off not getting syphilis to begin with, and if you didn’t already have syphilis, you’d do better without catching malaria.