Is there any phsycological basis for us liking music?


Is there any phsycological basis for us liking music?

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Numerous studies have been conducted to show that individual personality can have an effect on music preference, mostly using personality

Is Physcology supposed to be psychology or physiology?

But brains are crazy-useful for learning things, which off-loads a LOT of work from having to spend generations developing instinct. A big part of learning is pattern matching. Things like music, art, literature exercise or make use of the brain’s function for fuzzy pattern matching. Rhythm / pattern, same diff.

Our brains constantly run short-term simulations of the world to predict what’s going to happen next.

When we listen to music our brains try to predict the next sound and if they succeed they are happy about it.

That would be quite an interesting subject to study. I would also try to find any correlations to the genera a person listens to most and their sexual tendencies.