Just how bad for you is preservative filled bread?


I eat a lot of off-the-shelf bread. Mostly Dempsters whole grain bread and Dempsters bagels each once a day and it’s kinda scary just how long they stay fresh without molding. Getting cancer or some other life threatening illness is my biggest fear. So how bad is it for me to consume all these preservatives every day?

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“Preservatives” are by-and-large a boogeyman term with nebulous meaning, akin to people bemoaning “chemicals”. The reason most store pre-sliced bread stays edible for so long is because they inhibit mold and other bacterial growth by minimizing moisture content (replacing water with oil or butter) and keeping it in a bag with limited air access.

You aren’t going to get cancer or anything. You just need to make sure you aren’t eating too many calories or too much fat/sugar.