Light during lightning and other bright flashes


In a lot of videos I see, specifically of electricity, once electricity or lightning occurs it seems like the sky goes dark or everything surrounding it briefly goes dark. I also noticed this with the flash on a phone while using it indoors. Why is this? Is it just due to camera exposure not being able to adjust to the flash? I believe this also occurs in real life, too, so do our eyes also not adjust in time and just go by the comparison? It seems like that would be a stretch for the resulting effect.

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Eyes have better adjustment, but on a camera lens, if there is a bright object in the picture, the lens automatically compensates for the larger amount of light suddenly appearing by turning down the brightness. This is also why when you cover up the lens and then reveal it in the daylight, it goes white for a second, because you’re suddenly setting its brightness from very dark to very bright in an instant.