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Newbie question ! Mind / Brain

First of all English is not my first language so sorry for that.

I recently started learning about neuroscience, I really enjoy it, I’m a little bit confused about what exactly is the brain / mind.

I’ve come to maybe a comparison to help me get a good image of it. So if I understand correctly, our brain is like a car computer (ECM) collecting data, experiences and taking necessary actions.

And our mind is like the car itself.

If I’m wrong or my comparison is bad, please tell me another example.

Thanks a lot, happy to be here

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Brain is the organ, the physical blob sitting in our skull. Mind is harder to define – it’s the collection of mental activities. So the brain is more like the car computer, and mind the program that runs on it. Car is your body, in this comparison.

The brain is what is actually inside the head/skull.

If you do an MRI/CT scan you can see the brain.

It’s also delicious, and can be fried into sandwiches:

Scrambled with eggs, or even curried.

The mind is consciousness and a sign of a functional brain.

You’re reading this message right, your mind is processing it. If your brain was in a sandwich or your mind wouldn’t be able to process it.

A better example is a computer. A brain is everything you can touch and feel on the computer.

The mind is everything you see on your monitor – they don’t have an actual physical presence.

The brain is the organ. We also use it to mean intelligence. The mind is thoughts, intelligence, imagination, feelings, consciousness