non buoyant water and it’s use?


Why you cannot float inside and why are there facilities with these tanks? Where and why do we use this kind of water? On a side note, why is it called like this?

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The water is full of bubbles and is not dense enough to hold you up. If you fall inside the tank, you will fall to the bottom and drown.

Those tanks are used in industrial processes like sewage treatment plants, to treat water.

Water gets non-buoyant when it gets saturated with finely dispersed gas bubbles, like air. This kind of water can be met in water treatment plants, in which water needs additional air so bacteria can decompose certain bad substances in waste water or when there are solutions that need air or other gas mixtures for biochemical processes. There are also certain industrial applications in which liquids gets saturated with gas bubbles.

So non-buyant water isn’t a general thing that you just store, its more of a thing that happens to liquids when you treat it with gasses in regard to a certain chemical or physical process.