Schumann Resonance


I’ve recently read (from a questionable source) that Schumann Resonance is steadily increasing and humans can be affected by this.

Can anyone explain Schumann Resonance, it’s validity (or invalidity), and how it is measured? To what extent can humans be affected by it and how is that measured?

In: Physics

The Earth’s atmosphere is slightly conductive, meaning it can hold and transmit electricity. There is some movement of electricity between the Earth and the ionosphere, but it’s generally pretty minimal. However, when lightening storms approach, the movement of electricity increases to a point where it can be measured by scientists. That’s Schumann Resonance.

To determine whether or not it affects humans, scientists have taken biometric data from test subjects (BP, heart rate–stuff like that) and compared it to the amount of electrical flow between Earth and the ionosphere. They look for patterns in the data.

There has not been any conclusive evidence that Schumann Resonance in any way impacts humans.