Soviet Deep Battle


Soviet Deep Battle

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I, the Soviet Union, have a large population of poorly trained soldiers. You have better trained soldiers, but fewer. I decide to attack multiple points along your lines with large numbers, with more in reserve along the different points. If I attack, and I don’t let up until an area begins to weaken and drop; I can overwhelm you and break through before you can know where to send reinforcements, because I was ready to breach anywhere.

It’s different from blitzkrieg in that instead of one area with a tremendous force breaking through, it is multiple large forces kitting all over.

The Soviet Deep Battle doctrine was focused on hitting the enemy through the *depth* of the battle line

It starts with your usual combined arms line trying to break through the enemy’s line, but keeps fast mobile troops in reserve. As soon as a gap opens in the enemy line the fast troops go screaming through the gap and deep into the enemy’s lines where there are fewer defenses and they can start picking off supply routes and disrupting communications to the front.

Wars are won and lost through logistics. You don’t need to be able to beat every soldier they have coming at you if you can punch a small hole through the line and break up their logistics then the attacking army will grind to a halt no matter how many soldiers they have.