Transit visa


Why do some countries in Europe want you to get a transit visa even if you are not entering the country? This seems excessive fir someone just connecting to a non-schengen country. Isn’t the airport terminal considered international area as one hasn’t gone through passport control?


The problem arises if you…say…miss your connection. Or if your flight gets rerouted to another airport because of weather or something like that.

Because then you sit in the international terminal and is not allowed to transfer by bus to another flight from the other airport so that you can get out of there.

EDIT: actually. what I just said appears to be wrong. You need a full visa to be allowed to transfer by bus between airports.

Transit visas are required because if you land in an airport, all passengers will transit through security checks after landing, regardless of whether you’re then transferring to another flight or not.

From the security check, it would be simple for someone to simply walk out of the airport into the country – and there would be no way to easily stop them. Hence, a visa is required.