warm and cool skin tones


What does this mean? I know that whole look at your veins trick but nonetheless it makes no sense to me because I can never definitively decide what color my veins are. Bonus points if you explain what bronzer and blush tones I’m ‘supposed’ to use based on this.

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There is a great variation of skin tones within people. Even people who tend to be called ‘white’ or ‘fair skinned’ have great variations in their skin tone.

A cool skin tone means your skin is close to a pinkish white. A warmer skin tone means your skin is more like a beige color.

Think of a typical blond Scandinavian person. They have the extreme of the cool skin tone.

Think of a typical black-haired Mediterranean person. They have the extreme of the warm skin tone.

I’m Mexican but I’ve had to avoid the sun after a brain injury and I’m ridiculously light-skinned, now. Did my veins change?

In order to look good in makeup, mostly skin makeup like base, blush and concealer you need to know your tone and undertone.

Your tone is the darkness in your skin. Usually they are classified as fair, light, medium, dark and deep. Some brands haveore categories to be more accurate.

What you are talking about is the undertone, and the veins is one way to know your undertone. Warm undertone people have green veins, cool undertone people havw blue. Neutral can have either one.

It’s easier to see what your skin tends to look like. Warm skin tones have yellow and golden undertones. Cool skin have pink and red undertones, neutral are more peachy. There are also olive, but I’m mot sure what undertones.

Two very fair people can have either undertone. Same as dark people. I am medium warm. My veins are green and my skin cooor is very golden yellowish.

I find it very useful for skin tone makeup, there is a trend like to overbronze and use very dark makeup, but people who use the incorrect undertone looks worst (cough cough, Trump).

In theory you will look better if you use shadows, clothes and jewelry with the same type of colors. But I like cool tones better so I use whatever I feel like, even though I do look better with warm tones.