What are BOTS?


What are bots & how do you avoid malicious bots online?

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In the most basic way a bot is something that reacts to situation in an exactly defined way. It is more or less just another program.

Here on reddit you have lots of bots that recognize new comments and when they contain something which fulfills one of there situational reaction conditions they react in their predefined manner.

If you want to use bots yourself by just downloading them and use it, it is adviced to check if they are not doing something you really do not want besides what they claim to do. Just like with any other program you download and making sure that the source is one to be trusted.

Ok so let’s take for en example, you’re buying something on Amazon. You choose the item, you proceed to check out, you set up your delivery and pay for it. And with the best will in the world the quickest you can do that is about 15-30 seconds.

Now what you can do is automate it, so what you can do is write a program script or code which can do this automatically. This is a bot, and the bot can do this task in a fraction of a second.

Now take for example you want a PS5 on the day of launch but the stock runs out very quickly, you can take your chances the human way or you can use a bot and it does it a lot quicker, so you’re less likely to lose out on getting your PS5.

In conclusion a bot is program that has been written specifically to automate a task like quickly buying an item or to write a generic comment on social media etc