what are those “studio” ads before movies about?


Why would the public need to know if a24 or studio canal produced a movie? why do some movies have so many studios?

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To advertise the studio that produced the movie. If you’ve seen a bunch of movies from A24 that you liked, the branding informs you that the upcoming movie will likely be good as well.

The second part of your question is about financing. Sometimes you can get one studio to foot 100% of the budget for your movie. In other cases you may have 3 production companies fork over 33% of the budget apiece.

Edit: The movie industry is completely reliant on studios. No studio, no movie. And unlike everyone in the cast and crew, if the movie bombs only the studio loses money. They’re on the hook for everything, that’s why they are out front in advertising. They took the risk, they cut the check, they get top billing. That’s Hollywood, baby.

If you paid millions of dollars to get something made or bought it wouldn’t you want to claim your ownership of it

The branding isn’t necessarily for the general public. Don’t forget that the film industry will also be watching the films and they might be more interested in who made what.

Also there are bunch of studios that are created solely for a single movie.

It’s an accounting trick to cheat the actors. Hollywood does it all the time.

It’s partly why Scarlett Johansson sued Disney not long ago

There’s actually a name for those, it’s an “ident”. They’ve been a standard way to “brand” movies for a very long time, at least the 1920s if not longer.