What caused the sound associated with a balloon popping?


Seemingly it would just be a balloon tearing, which is rubber and wouldn’t make much, if any, sound.

In: Physics

Sound is a pressure wave, when the balloon is inflated it had many times the normal atmospheric pressure. When you pop it, that pressure is released in all directions causing a sound wave

The super quick expansion of the air as the balloon breaks. Just like lightning doesn’t directly make any sound, but the loud thunder is the super quick expansion of air due to being heated.

It’s the tension in the balloon being let go all at once. You know how if you pull an elastic band and let it go it makes a snap. That just a lot bigger.

Good answers here already. I’ll just add that a similar phenomenon you can think of is when you pull a cork out of a wine or champagne bottle. Pulling the cork out makes the pressure inside the bottle lower than atmospheric pressure until right when the cork is free from the bottle. At that point, the air rushes into the bottle suddenly and causes a similar pressure wave (i.e. sound).

the balloon is pressurized. when the rubber pops the pressurized air inside rapidly expands and makes a pressure wave through the air which you hear as the pop.