What does “build up your spicy tolerance” means?


Do your brain just get used to capceicin? Does the receptors in your tongue become stronger? Why exactly spicy food feels less strong when you eat it a lot?

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The capsaicin receptors in your tongue become less sensitive to it. Like, the way that the nerve endings work physically changes, as an adaptation.

Capsaicin influences the human body by interacting with the TRPV1 receptor, which monitors body temperature. Basically, it lowers the point at which your body senses “heat” to the point that it senses normal body temperature as “hot” instead. Your body goes from ” the temperature in your mouth is normal right now” to “THERE’S SOMETHING REALLY HOT IN YOUR MOUTH GET IT OUT GET IT OUT” even if the actual temperature in your mouth doesn’t change.

The more you eat capsaicin, the more your body recognizes this change in heat perception and the less it reacts. As your body begins to recognize that capsaicin results in more heat perception but not more heat damage, it stops paying attention when capsaicin reaches these receptors. This is desensitization and is generally temporary.