what does the wifi calling button on my phone do, and why does it need to be on for me to make any calls?


what does the wifi calling button on my phone do, and why does it need to be on for me to make any calls?

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It just uses wifi to make calls and texts instead of a mobile cellular network.

And you shouldn’t need it to be on to make calls, unless you have no signal from your network provider.

My place has the bedroom and kitchen downstairs in a basement, and I used wifi calling down there as obviously I get no normal network signal.

It has a few uses:

Instead of transmitting calls/text back to cellular towers very far away, your phone can use your home Wi-Fi network which is much closer (less battery used). Most peoples phones are *already* connected to Wi-Fi when at home for internet anyway.

If you have poor cellular coverage at home, it can help you still get calls/text reliably. You shouldn’t *need* to have to have it switched on unless you don’t get cellular coverage.

It can also help ease congestion of 3G/4G networks in densely populated areas as it offloads calls to wired networks.

Second question: why does a wifi call prevent you from using wifi? I remember one time my phone decided to use wifi for a call and I went to look something up online, but it said I couldn’t use the internet while on a wifi call. Also had no clue how to switch it to a non-wifi call.

I don’t remember specifics of the event, just that it seemed extremely odd to me

Makes calls over an internet connection instead of a cellular network. It’s very useful when a party’s cellular connection is weak or unavailable. It’s particularly useful for international calls.

Instead of using a normal phone, you can use programs to talk over the Internet. You can do that with WiFi, and many companies that sell mobile phone service also have apps that allow you to make Internet phone calls. If you turn on the option, the phone will decide whether your WiFi or mobile phone service has the better connection and will send calls and texts over the one that seems to be best.

If your phone can only make calls with WiFi calling turned on, it means that you’re not getting a good mobile phone signal to your phone and it can’t make or receive calls that way where you are.