What exactly are “probiotics”? What is the best way to use them and are there any possible consequences of misuse?


Is the best way to use probiotics a single serving once a day for a week, one week a month? Is it a shot every 2-4 days as a refresher? Once a week every week? What are the actual effects on my gut flora and how long do they last?

If I drank a 1 or 2 entire packages of “Yakult Probiotic Drink” or “Chobani Probiotic” in one sitting, would I poison myself? If not, what would the short and long term effects of this be?

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Probiotics are living bacteria. The ones you want in your gut to be able to properly digest things.

Unless you have a specific medical condition (I.E. dead or bad gut bacteria) there is no confirmed benefit of ingesting them at all. And that means there is also no “correct dose”.

I doubt you could overdose them by chugging consumer products. There is also no longterm effect. The bacteria will multiply as long they find food, so the supply you consume from the outside is neglectible in the total number of things living inside of you.

i know this will be slightly off tangent but honestly the main thing you should be more worried about is the amount of sugar in the probiotic drinks before you worry about somehow overdosing on the probiotics which to my knowledge does not have any harm or any clear benefit