what exactly is marketing.? like, if someone spends 4 years studying marketing, what do they actually learn?


what exactly is marketing.? like, if someone spends 4 years studying marketing, what do they actually learn?

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Marketing, the art of selling you something you don’t need. So 4 years later, you could sell me a pen even if I didn’t ask for one.

My wife is a marketing director. When we met she scolded me for confusing/conflating it with advertising.

Advertising is draping a hot chick in a bikini over a car you want to sell.

Marketing is informing people that this Ferrari is built to x specification, has x history of excellence, reaches out to its database of former Ferrari owners, etc.

If someone spends 4 years studying marketing generally they have done a basic year of business where they will try out intro to accounting intro to macro or micro economics.

Some of the courses will be breadth requirements may be a history class or another language.

Some amount of marketing will go to what people are talking about how to create an advertisement how to display a product favorably. What is and isn’t legal presentation. How to use different platforms forms like online versus newspaper versus a billboard or bus add

Marketers also put a huge focus into learning markets and dissecting trends. It’s great that you can build an ad that appeals to 14 year olds but you also need to show me that there are enough 14 year olds willing to buy my product or get their parents to buy my product. This is where market analysis is important.

There are some other basic things like generally you go over human resources, talent acquisition, trading commodities.

They learn to create discontent with the status quo. To make a person “need” something they may not have even known existed.

Marketing is the Indirect method of reaching and educating your customers of your products and services. Can start with Advertising a car during the superbowl, followed by a website with more detailed specifications, cost, features and benefits.

Sales is the Direct method of contact/purchasing. Creating a system to buy (website check-out and payment) or having them go to an auto dealer to choose a specific model and finance plan from a salesperson.

Detailed article for Marketing Majors: [https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/marketing-major-overview](https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/marketing-major-overview)