What factors determine whether a person becomes extroverted or introverted?


What factors determine whether a person becomes extroverted or introverted?

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I’d say mostly life experiences, then up-bringing and even genetics.

If a young person has mostly positive interactions with people in the outside world, that will reinforce sociability. If mostly negative, they will retreat inside themselves.

If a person is raised in a bad household, with a parent telling their kids to trust no one, etc… It can set those children’s world view in a negative light.

If genetics play a role in autism and psychiatric disorders, then regardless of parental influence, regardless of social interactions, this person may be permanently introverted.

As a side note: I went to public schools and when a kid came in from a religious school or a military academy, I noticed that they went wild for a few months. I formulated the “Compressed Spring” theory: too much stress caused the teenager to compress, like a spring. When allowed the freedom found in public schools, that spring expanded–ovet expanded (drug use excessive, wild behavior excessive). Eventually they would find an even keel, in most cases.

Basically every factor you can imagine, both internal and external, emotional, physical, chemical, everything. People can even change back and forth between the two over time. I.e., an introverted child can gain confidence and experience over time and slowly become extroverted.

And this goes without saying, but most people are not strictly one or the other, we’re all a blend of the two.