what function does amylase have in the blood?


Everything you can find on Google about blood levels of amylase is that if they are above or below normal, it can be an indication of problems with the pancreas. But why is there amylase in the blood in the first place? It makes sense that it is present in the gut and saliva, because starch is too big to be absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream, so amylase degrades starch into sugars. But what is it doing in the blood? Is there starch in the bloodstream? Where does it come from?

In: Biology

I’m pretty sure you can get everything in the bloodstream, like fats, glucose, and maybe starch too

The amylase present in the body has to be broken down and excreted. Some is excreted in the urine, via the kidney, the other site is unknown. The amylase has to be transported, hence its presence on the blood.