what happens if you give birth abroad


what happens if you give birth abroad

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The baby comes out of the mother pretty much the same way no matter where you are. Remember that your idea of abroad is the same as the locals’ idea of home.

Are you trying to ask about the laws of your country regarding children born to citizens when they’re elsewhere? If that’s the case, it would help to know where you’re from.

Aside from the obvious issues of a lower standard of Healthcare possibly impacting the health of your newborn or yourself, your child is now a dual- national. A citizen of the US and a citizen of whatever country you have birth in. ASSUMING you are yourself a U.S. citizen. Most foreign countries follow this protocol. A child born on their soil is a citizen of their soil. My BFF had 3 children who are all duals. All from different countries. Military thing.

My son was born abroad. As we were american citizens, we applied to the US Consulate and got a birth certificate. It says “US Citizen born abroad”, and he didn’t retain any citizenship rights in the country he was born in.

It varies country by country, but in most places, if both parents are US citizens only, the child gets a birth certificate through the consulate. If the parents are citizens of that country, or one parent is, or there is dual citizenship, then the child may or may not be eligible, depending on the laws in that country.

Are you referring to citizenship? Depends on the laws of the country in which the child was born… in every case, they’ll be able to gain citizenship of the country their parents are citizens of. Some countries, like the US, have birthright citizenship so by nature of being born there they can claim citizenship. [Here is a map](https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/countries-with-birthright-citizenship) of countries that offer birthright citizenship currently.

For citizenship consideration, it varies widely. It depends on which country the parents are from and the country where the child is born. If the parents are non citizens and of differing citizenship, it makes a difference. Also if the parents have permanent residency etc.

Being born in the USA confers citizenship fairly automatically with a few exceptions. This is NOT true of many countries – being born there might not entitle the child to citizenship in the country of birth.

If the parents are both citizens of the same country, their child is almost always entitled to citizenship in that country regardless of where they are born. Some paperwork might be necessary but it is almost guaranteed.