What happens to bugs in the winter?


What happens to bugs in the winter?

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In many places, like the African savahna , nothing. It’s warm enough year-round for them.

In places where it freezes in winter, most of the bugs die. But their eggs survive and hatch in spring / wet weather / every 13 years in a weird cycle of cicada swarms.

Depends on the type of bug. Some find a warm spot to hibernate. Ladybugs, wasp queens, and stink bugs (in areas where they are) are famous for getting inside peoples walls and attics and then all coming out at once on the first warm day. Large spiders, crickets, and beetles will find a spot underground or under a big rock to hibernate, or if they can, will happily spend winter in a basement or cellar somewhere. Ants just go a little deeper underground than normal and stop moving. Flys all die but their eggs just stop developing wherever they are and then start again as soon as the weather is above 65 of so. Honeybees spend winter in their nest but all other bees and wasps all die off except for (as mentioned earlier) the next years queens go and hide and hope to start again in spring.

Insects vary a lot species to species but none of them regulate temperature well because they’re so small so they did all have to find a way to get through winter.

Also I assumed you meant insects and not just true bugs, which is a small sub group of insects. If you were specifically asking about True bugs then most of them do the stink bug thing and get into an attic or behind some tree bark somewhere and hibernate