What happens when an commercial pops up for half a second and then moves on to the next?


To clarify the title, I have noticed while watching TV commercials that occasionally, an ad will start for a quart~half second before it just skips to the next ad. Like, the entire ad was skipped, and the next ad starts. Why does this happen? Does this mean that the ads will be 20-30 seconds shorter since that one got skipped?

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This may be different in different countries and also different depending on whether you’re watching live TV, or streamed TV via website however in almost all cases the provider of your cable or the station itself is legally allowed to replace foreign commercials with local commercials.
This is much more common in Canada where we occasionally get the US feed of a television show and Rogers or Bell choose to replace the American commercials with Canadian versions. However in some cases, the people doing this are just hired hands in the editing department and not professionals so they sometimes miss. More commonly it’s artificial intelligence trying to swap the commercials out in time.

If you are streaming the TV shows via the web, it’s almost always artificial intelligence swapping out the commercials and it often resets a cached buffer so that you get only a portion of a commercial before it’s replaced with another commercial and the buffer is reset.

I’m streaming services with commercials, sometimes the commercial interruptions are based on time and every 10 minutes or 20 minutes or 30 minutes they pop in a commercial regardless of what the original TV station was playing. That’s the most irritating but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about.

I hope it helps clarify. When you see a portion of a commercial it’s usually a foreign commercial and you’re not supposed to have seen it.

This is usually because a local commercial was inserted in place of a national one. Commercial breaks are split up between local and national commercials, you see an ad for Coke and for Larry’s Local Diner, all during the same break.

What likely happened is the national broadcast was playing their national commercials but the local station sold a local ad for that time slot and timing is just off by a half second. So the feed cuts to the national commercial as normal, then the local feed takes over.