What happens when you get a kink in your neck?


You know when you wake up, and you can only turn your neck in one direction because it hurts like hell (likely from sleeping in a bad position)?Physiologically – what’s happening? Is it something related to muscles, joints, tendons, nerves? Is there a best course of action to resolve the pain and whatever’s causing it?

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See a doctor so they can refer you to a neck specialist. That specialist will likely either use massage, chiro, and physio therapy techniques to help you out.

Whats probably happening is improper sleeping technique and your muscles are cramping. If its severe pain go to the doctor right away. Otherwise gentle stretching, alternate heat/cold on the area, and stay well hydrated. Get some electrolytes too!

Minor pain, although because it is forefront in our attention, seems more than minor, is almost always a result of reduced oxygen to any of the muscles, tendons or nerves. What causes this? Per Dr john Sarno, these spells are a result of repressed anger. If our mind can create a distraction(pain), we cannot address or deal with the anger/fear/worry that is really bothering us. What is going on in your life, are you particularly stressed about something, worried, and avoiding it? I would encourage all to read the book “The Mind Body Prescription”. If reading a book could solve your problem, would you read it? (edit spelling)

I get that all the time, I get a swelling at the base of my neck and if I turn my head sideways to the right, my arm hurts lol, maybe should see someone about that!

I think you’re describing torticolis, essentially a muscle spasm in the neck.

there’s some good info here about causes and treatmen


since it’s muscular, heat and gentle massage is best to try and relax the muscle. Usually passes by itself after a few days