What is a metadata?


What is a metadata?

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It’s literally, “data about data”.

A great example is a JPG file you take with your phone or with a modern digital camera.

The data is the picture itself.

The file also contains some metadata, like the date and time when the picture was taken, what kind of phone/camera was used, and things like that.

Actually every file on your computer has metadata. The data is whatever’s contained in the file. The metadata includes things like the file name, the date the file was created, and the permissions (whether it’s read-only or not to other people on the same computer).

data about data. For instance for a photograph the “data” would be the picture itself, and the “metadata” would be auxiliary information like who took the picture, when was it taken, what file format is it stored in, how large is it, how much data does it take up, what is it named, and so on and so forth.

Small chunks of information relevant to the original information,

In IT , this could be its classification, the file size or who wrote the file.

In others , maybe it’s the library code, or who the author is.

The metadata is then easy to search by other systems as it’s a much more Brief summery of data.

metadata is just a fancy term for data now, originally was applied to the information about how information was gathered or used.

example: i study apples, john studies oranges and suzy studies grapes. the data would be about fruits, the metadata would be about john, suzy and I and about how and or why studies on fruit are done.

i know it sounds stupid but it has it’s uses, primarily IMO the accuracy of statistical data and analysis.