What is a prenup?


What is a prenup?

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“Prenup” is short for “prenuptial agreement”. It’s basically a contract between two people who are going to get married in case they wind up getting separated or divorced. It’s basically to help make sure a divorce isn’t super messy because all the terms are agreed to ahead of time.

It’s an agreement a couple uses to agree on before a marriage, what do do with marital assets if the marriage ends in divorce.

It’s usually meant to protect one or both from excessive support in the event of uneven assets before or during a marriage, and even forfeiture of assets and support if certain conditions are or aren’t met.

Without a pre-nuptial agreement, the couple faces whatever division of property may be arranged with laws at the time of the divorce.

It’s a legal document that outlines a couple’s assets and determines how they’ll be divided in the case of divorce — kind of like a marriage will.